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A schizophrenic murder suspect waits 20 years for a trial, a case with a legal connection to a jailed Marine.

A family tragedy and wartime take their toll on a Texas man, ending in a four-year loop between jail and state hospitals.

A Texas veteran’s PTSD spiral ends in violence and his mother learning he’d wait for help in jail for months – maybe longer.

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Hear the mental competency trailer now.

A little girl is among the victims of a teacher’s deadly attack, and a Texas mother finds forgiveness for her son’s killer.

Following a Texas church shooting, survivors reflect on the heroes of that day and the signs leading to the attack.

Texas lawmakers hold emotional hearings following mass shootings and explore suspicious behavior in the state.

A father and son endure separate attacks, as Texas leaders look to train more civilians before future shootings.

S2 E1: Your Son Is Dead

We trace Texas’ timeline of mass shootings to a nightclub in El Paso, nearly 40 years before another attack in the same city.

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